Badass Floorscapes

Not Your Mother’s Floor.

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Imagine having the opportunity to tailor your clients emotional response the moment they walk through your door....

When you install a Badass Floorscape, you'll create intense visual impact- resulting in endless referral potential.


We can create 3-D effects with state of the art industrial grade materials… The same stuff that is installed in shopping malls, restaurants, and factories!

  • Commercial Attractions
  • Lobby/Office
  • Custom Parking
  • Stout or Neat Fluid applied %100 epoxy for utility areas
  • Metallic Epoxy Installations

Permission to design with freedom: GRANTED

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Aquatic Floorscapes

 Native Floridian Artists bring the beauty of the landscape to you, Transforming where you ARE into where you WANT to be. Perfect for Beach Bars, Restaurants and your own Private Oasis.


Traditional and Classic

Durable and Low Maintenance. Let your Curb Appeal make an Impact, and design with FREEDOM.


Commercial Lobby

Imagine being able to tailor your client’s emotional reaction upon introduction with an astounding visual impact!

Our Artists will design and install a statement for you in as little as a week, getting you back to what you do in a jiffy.


Man-cave Badassery

Play Hard. Choose Concrete. Fully Custom- Just for YOU because YOUR TEAM kicks everyone’s ASSES.


Logos and Murals

Full Service Artistry…Because your space doesn’t end with your floor. Let us get vertical on you!


Concrete “Wood”

Forget the tiles. Real wood isn’t shaped like a BOX…it’s shaped like a TREE. Let our Artists show you how it’s supposed to look!


Custom Parking

Highlight that beautiful baby! You deserve it…and so does SHE. Hubba.

This Just in! The Galaxy can be yours!

Our new Galaxy Collection captures the beauty of our universe in your flooring

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“I would love for you to meet Crystal. She is an amazing artist. She’s doing work that is absolutely unique; and her gift lies in both her use of vibrant colors and her imagination. She’s completely unique and original and I know you are going to love her work.”

– Shane McKenna, Internationally acclaimed Artist

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Private Luxury Bunker Floorscapes

You’ve made a smart investment for your future and your Family’s safety.  Your safe space provides you the peace of mind you need in today’s dangerous world.


Installing a Badass Floorscape will bring magic into your space …and with our top shelf materials and professional installation, you’ll be sure that floor repair isn’t on your ‘to do’ list. (more…)